The Chibi-Pa Review: Issue #1

Chibi-Pa slated to release its first Zine

We are working on creating a magazine to be distributed at Chibi-Pa with art, fan fiction, and photography. There will only be a limited run of The Chibi-Pa Review. All pre-registered attendees will get the first copies, then all additional copies will be for sale at $5 each. This magazine will be a great way to find new forms of entertainment involving interest at Chibi-Pa. Maybe you will find a story that will keep you reading that particular author's work for years to come, or you could find art by an amazing artist that you have never seen before.

ARTISTS: please submit your artwork to We will judge submissions and pick the art that we think is worthy to make it into our zine. We will let you know if your entries are being used in this issue. Please be sure to give us your name, the names of the people in the piece (if possible), and if you would like us to reference your website as well.

FAN FICTION WRITERS: please visit our Fan Fiction Writing Contest page HERE.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: photo submissions will be judged on several different categories.

  • Cosplay - this would be the Best Cosplay Photo.
  • Composition - the stuff in the picture, like background, foreground, etc.
  • Story - Does the picture portray a scene of something?

All photos have to be shot at Chibi-Pa. It does not have to be last year's event, just any Chibi-Pa event in general. The photos do not have to be of cosplayers, except for the Cosplay category. Please do not send any photos of questionable activities. We're not saying that there aren't any, but if there were, we do not want to see it. Send all photos to Please be sure to give us your name, the names of people in the photo (if possible), and if you would like us to reference your photo studio or website as well. This is not a contest with a prize, other than getting your works published.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail

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