Volunteers for Chibi Pa can earn free admission into the event. We would like to start off by telling everyone... There is NO Wandering Security Position. More than likely, you will be sitting in one spot checking badges/IDs. If we catch you not checking IDs, you will be relieved of your duty. The only other job for Volunteers is moving and lifting stuff. HARD LABOR. Hard labor jobs are only during event set-up and break down times. If you want to get your hours over before the show starts, come and help us get everything set up. There is no sitting during HARD LABOR.

Guidelines on Volunteer Service Hours:

  1. All Volunteers must buy their badges before volunteering. Once their volunteer hours are complete, they can get a refund of what they paid. If a volunteer pays for a Day Pass but works for a Weekend Pass, they will get a Weekend Pass and get money back for a Day Pass.
  2. Panelists only get their free badge on the day of their panel.
  3. Doing a one-hour panel is worth 3 hours. If 6 people do one panel, that is 1/2 hour per person. Divide it up as you wish.
  4. You will be assigned a position and will be required to stay at that position until relieved. This could mean being at one place for up to 4 hours.
  5. You can divide your hours amongst several days.
  6. If two friends want to volunteer 3 hours each to get ONE Weekend Pass, that is possible but must be made clear when signing up for a volunteer position.

1 Day Pass3 hours
1 Weekend Pass6 hours
Space in Volunteer Bunk Room8 hours per day staying in room.
Hours must be accomplished before staying unless allowed by Volunteer Coordinator.
Staff/Intern MemberStaff members are required to have worked previously with Chibi Pa as Volunteers and hold a position that requires planning for months before the show.

If you are interested in Volunteering for Chibi Pa,
please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@chibipa.com

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