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A1 - Chantilly -
A4 - Hihoshi -
A5 - Selan Pike -
A7 (window) - Janice De La Cruz -
A7 (Center) - SXR Studios, Powered by Knova -
A8 - Moshi Moshi Watermelon -
A9 - Michele (More info soon)
A10 - Maid With Sugar -
A11 - Chaotic Neutral
A12 - Happy Mask Association: Carnival Games -
A13 - candyandclouds with artist Raquel "Virenn" -
A14 - Bento Studios -
A15 - Stitched Love Crochet -
A16 -Grandma Thunderpants-
A17 -Grandma Thunderpants-
A18 - Four Moons Studio -
A19 - TammyHuh -
Vendor Room Artists

Genki Goth Studios -

Chibi Pa artist Layout
** Chibi Pa 2013's Artist Alley sold out quickly. Guarantee your position by purchasing your table NOW. Layout will be announced soon and spots will be assigned on a "First-come, First-served" basis. **

Please read the Chibi Pa Event Rules and Regulations. If you agree to follow the Rules and Regulations, then visit our Online Store and buy the table you wish to have.  Artist tables are $100 for Chibi Pa: Suki Desu. This includes one six-foot table, one chair, and one admission into the event. You may have assistants, but they must pay for their own admission.

Electricity availability is limited, so artists will have to arrange for their own power cords and other electrical accommodations.

In 2012, we started a new tradition: The Chibi Pa Artist Award. Every artist table that consists of 50% or more original drawn art, whether electronic or hand drawn, will get a 50% rebate off their table price at the show towards Saturday evening. Then, Chibi Pa Staff will pick their favorite artist and award the artist with the Best Art Table a Free Table for the next year's Chibi Pa.

For more details, please contact
SXR Studios, Powered by Knova

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