Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Hotel
1825 Griffin Rd
Dania, FL 33004

Chibi Pa is moving!!! This hotel is gorgeous and huge, so we have a ton of space. We look forward to a year with great staff and amazing rooms.

Click Here to book a non Hospitality Floor room

  This room rate requires all noise to be kept at a minimum at all times. A courteous demonor should be kept in the hallways and inside the room. This hotel has Pilots to stay here and we should respect their need for sleep at all hours.

Click here to stay up all night and party at Chibi Pa

 This floor is for the late night owls in all of us. Any alcohol shall be kept in the room. If any suspicion of under aged consumption or illegal activities will incure a search by hotel staff or the local Authorities. If you are consuming alcohol it is strongly suggested you CARD everyone coming into your room. It is hard to prove people in your room were under the influence before entering your room.

  We understand that often our attendees look younger than they actually are. But we can not allow under aged consumption at our shows any more. Please party responsibility. If we find anyone too intoxicated in the hotel we will ask them to leave the premisis.

 Please party responsible. Understand that over consumption is dangerous for your health.

Free Weekend Pass for Hotel Stay

As in years past, Chibi Pa will be giving a free Weekend Pass for each night you stay at the hotel.  However, unlike past years, we will be restricting this to 120 Passes only.  We had to change the way we are doing things this year since the hotel policy is restricting us from giving away an unlimited number of free Weekend Passes. Therefore, please follow these guidelines carefully:

  1. Only 120 free Weekend Passes will be given away on a "First Come, First Serve" basis.

  2. All reservations must be made before the hotel cutoff date of October 28, 2014, to be eligible. The hotel may extend the Chibi Pa rate after October 28, but you will not be eligible for the free Weekend Pass.

  3. (EXAMPLE: 1 night stay = 1 pass. 3 night stay = 3 passes.)

 If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail sales@chibipa.com

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