Chibi Pa Costume Contest

Chibi Pa may not be known for having the greatest Costume Contest in the world, but we sure try to make it fun. With categories for every type of cosplayer, we try to accommodate everyone.

Fill out the Online Entry Form HERE


  • This is a family event. Please keep your costume/presentation PG-rated. Your costume should not have less fabric than your swimsuit.
  • You must be a registered attendee of Chibi Pa and fill out the registration forms in order to participate in the Costume Contest.
  • All participants that are younger than 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while registering.
  • We do not allow live steel during the Costume Contest or at any other Chibi Pa events. All participants must follow our Weapons Policy, as well as our Onstage Rules.
  • By registering and attending Chibi Pa, all participants agree to follow the rules set in place by Chibi Pa and its staff members. Participants also give permission for Chibi Pa to take and use photographs from its events for its website and advertising.


  • You must be an attendee of Chibi Pa in order to register for the Costume Contest.
  • You must have a reference picture of your costume. You must also have pictures of the creation of your costume. If you do not bring either one, your costume will be severly crippled points-wise. You may also bring a digital file to be projected on stage with you.
  • You may register for the Costume Contest up to 30 minutes until the Prejudging is over. However, if you are not registered when Prejudging begins, Chibi Pa cannot guarantee that your costume will be judged. Register early and please be 10 minutes early for both Prejudging and the Contest. Latecomers will be moved to the back of the line.
  • Your costume will not be qualified for an award if you do not show up to both Prejudging AND the Contest.
  • When you register, you will receive a number. Do not lose this number. This is the number for the order in which participants shall not only be prejudged but presented on stage. However, if you are not present when your number is called for Prejudging, you will be judged last, or possibly not at all.
  • If you are pre-registered for Chibi Pa, you may pre-register online for the Chibi Pa Costume Contests. People who pre-register for the Costume Contest online will be judged and presented first. However, you still have to be ON TIME.


  • Participants under 13 years of age will be judged separately.
  • The awards will be determined based off of the number of entrants and announced prior to the presentation.
  • Original costumes and characters will NOT be judged to the same caliber as other costumes from Anime/video games/etc.
  • Participants in the Look-alike Category (store-bought/commissioned costumes) must note it on their registration form. If we catch you trying to pass off someone else’s work as your own, we can disqualify you immediately.
  • Please be courteous during Prejudging and wait your turn. We will disqualify any disruptive participants.
  • Please provide reference material when being judged; this applies to all entries. You cannot be judged properly if the judges do not know what to look for.


  • All guns must have a visible orange tip and be peace-bonded. We offer peace-bonding as a free service to all Chibi Pa attendees.
  • We do not allow swords or any other weapons that are made of live steel. Please use an alternate material, such as wood, cardboard, styrofoam, rubber, etc.
  • Swords/guns/misc. weapons are to be either sheathed or secured while in the hallways of the hotel. Please leave all oversized props in the car while not being prejudged or in line for the Costume Contest.
  • Failure to follow our Weapons Policy will result in Chibi Pa revoking your badge and your immediate expulsion from the premises.


  • You are allowed 2-3 poses for your presentation. We can disqualify you for taking too long.
  • All costumes will be judged before the Contest during Prejudging.
  • There will not be a microphone available.
  • Weapons must be peace-bonded.
  • Please do not brandish/throw props around on stage. This becomes a hazard and we would prefer for shurikens not to lodge themselves into an attendee’s neck.
  • No liquids/substances that can cause messes (fake blood, water, etc.).
  • No acrobatics or jumping off stage. Please use the stairs.
  • Again, keep this PG-rated. No obscene costumes or signs with obscenities.
  • If your costume is unable to safely get on stage, Chibi Pa reserves the right to hold your costume from presentation. If it wins a category, we will award the participant afterwards.


  • Best in Show (best costume overall)
    Free Admission to all Chibi Pa and CGA Shows for 2014
    Entry into the 2014 Chibi Pa Invitational Costume Contest
  • Novice (has never won a costume contest before)
    Weekend Pass
  • Journeyman (has won less than three other contests)
    Weekend Pass
  • Master (has won more than three other contests)
    Weekend Pass
  • Youth (under 13 years old)
    Weekend Pass
  • Props (the items that accompany a cosplay; costume does not have to be present)
    Weekend Pass
  • Look-alike (store bought costumes)
    Weekend Pass
  • Group (more than one person in costume)
    up to 4 Weekend Passes to next year's Chibi Pa
  • Fan Favorite (garners loudest cheers from the crowd)
    Our Adoration
  • Chairman's Award (Jason & Lynn pick their favorite costume)
    Secret Prize

Chibi Pa's Invitational Costume Contest

Only Best in Show winners of the following Costume Contests will be eligible for the Invitational:

The rules will be the same as a standard Chibi Pa Costume Contest. The only variance is that we will not deduct points for non-Anime or Video Game costumes. All costumes must be original handmade costumes. There is only 1 winner, and he/she will win $500 CASH paid at the event. The only way to enter the Invitational Costume Contest is to enter and win Best in Show at one of the other Chibi Pa/CGA Costume Contests.

All rules are subject to change and all Chibi Pa staff reserves the right to do what it takes to keep a fun, safe, and family-friendly convention environment. Chibi Pa staff has the final say in rule disputes. If there are any questions, doubts, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Cosplay Director at or contact a Chibi Pa staff member.

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