Chibi-Pa Dances

Sorry for Pa Rocking

Chibi-Pa's Glow Party is going LMFAO

We are theming this year's Saturday Night Glow Party after music videos produced by LMFAO. We will be having a Best LMFAO Dance Contest and a Best Party Rock Style Contest, so get out your neon animal print, or you could even dress as one of the characters floating around in the video. Of course, there will be great dance music other than just LMFAO, but expect plenty of high energy music from LMFAO.

Chibi-Pa's Otaku Prom

On Friday night, we will host a semi-formal dance for all of our fans that never got to attend prom or even got to attend prom with that special person in your life. Or maybe you really wanted to attend prom in costume. All we ask is that you dress up nice. No sneakers, shorts, or t-shirts. Ties are required for guys. You may dress up your character so that they are wearing formal wear.

There will be a King and Queen appointed to the best dressed couple.

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