List of Events & Descriptions


Welcome Ceremonies
(5 PM, Main Events)

Welcome to Chibi-Pa: Future! Come and hear what the Head and Staff Members of Chibi-Pa have in store for you for the weekend, as well as other things that you may want to know about.

How to Write Fan Fiction
(6 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

New and seasoned writers alike will have fun learning how to improve their skills and develop healthy writing habits.

Aaron's Ultimate Con Survival Guide
(6 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Aaron Pabon has been to many conventions as an attendee, panelist, guest, and has worked in various positions at cons. Here, Aaron will tell you how to plan, organize, and survive convention life. Intro/EPK Panel
(6 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

An in-depth look at everything about Shifted2u as a website, as well as the role of VFM on the website that covers video games, Anime, and pop culture.

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Shadowcast
(6 PM, Main Events)

Diversity in Cosplay
(7 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Should cosplayers only cosplay within their race? Shouldn't females cosplay female characters and males cosplay male characters? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding "NO"! Get together with all your fellow otaku and cosplayers as we celebrate the beautiful people that are a proud part of our community to discuss one thing we all love: Cosplay!

Spike's Movie Night
(7 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Eat candy, drink juice, and watch YouTube videos based on My Little Pony.

Life Casting & Resin Casting
(7 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

What Happens at the Con, Stays at the Con...?
(8 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Spike Spencer's raucous take on what happens behind the scenes in the industry and at the conventions. From after parties to kidnappings, and porn stars to bottled up human gases, Spike will keep you laughing while he reads from his book full of hilarious versions of what really happens at the con. **16+ only recommended.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: Game Shows 101
(8 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Have you seen a game show on a panel, or featured at a convention, but have no clue what the show is/was about? Wondering where we get these ideas for game shows from? Well, come join us for an hour of game show history! We'll tell you about some of the more popular Anime game shows, their history, and how to play them, along with telling you a little bit about what's in development here at Florida Whammy Entertainment! If you've ever wanted a leg up on the game show competition, this panel's for you!

Otaku Prom
(8 PM, Main Events)

Get your swanky clothes and dress up your costumes, or just look good on the dance floor. Chibi-Pa relives its High School Prom. We will deck out the room in decorations, play some great dance music, and get the groove on. A Prom King and Queen will be appointed.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: The $100,000 Pyramid
(8:30 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Things That Reboot has not Spoofed; Famous Italian Plumbers; Characters Whose Names are L; WHOA! Hold on a second! This isn't the right board! Calling one and all, come on down to the Otaku Pyramid! Do you think you can successfully guess a subject based on clues a partner or celebrity guest give you? Do you think you have what it takes to be the King of the Otaku Pyramid? Do you dare to go one round with our Executive Producer? Will that Troll Board you just saw strike again? Come find out as we play THE $100,000 OTAKU PYRAMID!

Cupcakes: The Dramatic Retelling
(9 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Join the PegaSisters and Gentlelady Spike as they reenact the cult classic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction, "Cupcakes". **18+ only.

Late Night @ the Con with Aaron Pabon
(10 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Join Aaron Pabon with his new talk show about cons, Anime, comics, and all things geek-related. This will be a live taping for his Podcast.

Fan Fiction Nightmares
(10 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
Think you've read the strangest fan fictions? We'll put that idea to rest as we present dramatic readings of the best of the worst fan fictions the internet has to offer. Barf bags and mind bleach not included.

(10 PM, Main Events)

Aaron Pabon's 18+ Stand Up Comedy
(12 AM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Geek Comedian Aaron Pabon's 18+ stand up show. **18+ only.


Stupid Stuff for Pocky
(10 AM, Main Events)

Ball-jointed Dolls Meetup
(11 AM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Manga Drawing Workshop
(11 AM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Has reading all that manga got you itching to make your own? Or have you already started working on a sequential art masterpiece? Either way, this Manga Drawing Workshop will help hone your drawing skills and cover topics such as inking, figure drawing, Photoshop, American vs. Japanese drawing supplies, and indie DIY publishing. There will be time at the end for Q&A and one-on-one portfolio help.

Cosplay Improv
(11 AM, Main Events)
Do you have the ability to act out random scenes while staying in character? Randomly drawn cosplayers will get called on to act out random scenes with other cosplayers. Audience input is welcome. Bring on the Peanut Gallery!

Fan Fiction Writing Contest Awards
(12 PM, Key Largo Room)
The Fan Fiction Contest entries have been received, now see if your work has outshined the rest!

What is Live Action Pro-bending?
(12 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)

Pro-Bending is the latest fictional sport to come to life. Aaron Pabon, president of the league, will teach you the sport, how you can start a team, and join the Live Action Pro-Bending League!

Paul St. Peter Q&A
(1 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Voice actor Paul St. Peter shares what it's like being a voice actor and answers audience questions.

The History of Vocaloids
(1 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Vocaloid has come to be a popular and dominant force in modern otaku culture cherished by many. But what exactly is Vocaloid? Delve into the obscure origins of Vocaloid and its early models, its instantaneous rise to fame, and the new generation of Vocaloids present and upcoming. Whether you're a die hard Miku fan or have no idea what a Vocaloid is, it's a must-go for anyone who loves music!

Band: Itis Noise
(1 PM, Main Events)

Chibi-Pa Silent Panel
(2 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Here is a panel where you can come and escape the bustle and noise of Chibi-Pa for a spell and enjoy some peace and quiet... Or, at least try to. Based on the original punishment game from Japanese Variety Program Downtown NO GAKI NO TSUKAI YA ARAHENDE!!, come watch (somewhat) willing participants try to avoid drawing the unlucky card of pain and endure a random punishment... WHILE STAYING AS SILENT AS POSSIBLE. After all, they don't want to disturb your peaceful silence with their noise, now do they?

How to be a Frickin Genius Voice Actor, Step One
(3 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Spike Spencer will share his knowledge of the voice-over world with you. Learn how the voice actors do that Voodoo that they do so well. Spike will help you understand how your voice is an instrument and how to fine-tune it so that you too might become a Frickin Genius voice actor one day.

RHPS: 101
(3 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Cheesy on the Outside has had years of experience shadow casting the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This panel gives newcomers an insight on what to expect and do during the shadow cast performance.

Makeup: Basics and Why it's Important in Cosplay
(3 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
Learn some tips and tricks in cosplay makeup! All sorts of makeup will be covered, from cosmetic to special effects and body paint!

(3 PM, Main Events)

(4 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Back for a third year at Chibi-Pa! Come watch as 16 random participants duke it out tournament-style in a competition of Rock-Paper-Scissors like no other for a chance at the grand prize and to be crowned the 2012 Champion. **If you wish to participate, please come early enough to draw a tournament spot position.

Homestuck Characters Entertain Fans
(4 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Ever wonder what really happened off-screen among your favorite Homestuck characters? Maybe you'd like to have a passage from a fan fiction read and acted out loud? Here's your chance to have your fan theories (denied) confirmed!

Game Time with Aaron Pabon
(4 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Step 1) Play games. Step 2) ??? Step 3) Profit! Play games with (or against) Aaron Pabon and win prizes!

Chibi-Pa Costume Contest
(4 PM, Main Events)

We may not be known for having the best Costume Contest, but we sure try to make it fun for everyone. Come see some of the best costumes on display at Chibi-Pa!

Business of Webcomics
(5 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Learn all about the business end of webcomics from Gina Biggs, creator of Red String and freelance artist.

SeraMyu: The Sailor Moon Musicals
(5 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Enter the world of the Sailor Moon Musicals, A.K.A. SeraMyu. Come and join us to find out what the musicals are all about. Whether you are already a fan or want to know about the musicals, come and join us in what will be a fun time learning about SeraMyu.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: Second Chance
(6 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

The show that gives everyone a second chance is finally returning after 4 years of hiatus and a new engine. Second Chance is the show where you get a second chance; just be careful that you don't land on a Devil and lose everything...

Pokemon Fan Panel
(6 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)

Join Pika "Belle" Chu and discuss the Anime and its various other media and partake in trivia games where you can win prizes and other randomness.

Aaron Pabon's All Ages Stand Up Comedy
(6 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Geek Comedian Aaron Pabon's stand up show.

Saturday Night Glow Party: Sorry for Chibi-Pa Rocking
(6 PM, Main Events)

Our infamous Saturday Night "non-rave" Glow Party is rocking out this year with themes based on LMFAO-produced music videos. We will have a Best LMFAO Dance Contest and Best Rock Style Contest. But don't expect there to only be LMFAO tunes playing; we will have plenty of other high-energy music to get you dancing through the evening.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: Press Your Luck
(7 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

Back for the 2nd year in a row, from the team that brought you "Otaku Password" and "The $100,000 Pyramid" sees it coming to you now: They see BIG BUCKS in your future! Yes, that's right! For the 4th year in a row, the Whammies are returning to claim more of your bucks! Do you think you can fare well against the Whammies? Well, come find out as some lucky contestants play the most exciting game of the entire convention! Live from Chibi-Pa, it's PRESS YOUR LUCK!!!

Mascots and Cosplay
(7 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Ever wanted to make a cosplay of your favorite Pokemon or Digimon, or any of the many lovable (and some not-so-lovable) animals of Anime and video games, but don't want to be one of those silly gijinka? Well, here's the panel for you! Come learn about making mascot costumes, techniques, ways to start, good places to buy material, and more. Bring your questions or projects for this informative FAQ on how to make your favorite animals come to life.

(7 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

This panel is a blend of both comedy and EPIC truth with the one and only Jakejames Lugo, A.K.A. the EPIC Venomousfatman. Not only will everyone get an insight into who VFM is, but also some new perspective and views on the gaming and Anime industry, being an otaku in the real world, his stances on his favorite gaming and Anime franchises, and tons more.

Don't Kill Your Date (And Other Cooking Tips)
(8 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Spike Spencer shares some of his recipes, recommendations, and tips from his dating cookbook. Spike will also dish about his naughty adventures around the globe and his insights and misadventures on the world of dating and other such ridiculosities (no, not a typo). **18+ only.

Who is HMK?
(8 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Ever wondered who HMK really is? Well, come on down and meet the guy that's been on the net and that you've met at all the conventions! Asking questions to the one that has been asking you all the questions to see what HMK thinks on what you care about! Also, those who attend will get an edge on HMKontest Live!, so if you want to better your chances of winning big, come on down... and dare to be Hectic!

V.A.C. -Vocal, Acting, Choreography- 101
(8 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
Do you have stage fright? Maybe there's a particular song you've always wanted to learn to sing beautifully? Or perhaps you wish to enhance your acting skills for skits or put a kick to your choreography? This panel will show the basics on breath, stage presence, and acting, and give you the skills you need to learn how to become the best cosplayer you can be! Bring paper or your own music.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: Prees Your Luck, FWE 5th Season Spectacular
(9 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

So, Special Edition, you say? Yes! From the producers that brought you the original Anime Press Your Luck, we are bringing a special 5th Season Spectacular edition of Press Your Luck straight here to Chibi-Pa! With the biggest bucks imaginable, and all sorts of potentially wacky twists of fate, it's going to be a lot harder for Whammy, Tammy, and Fang to get that money, but when they do, they're gonna need a bigger warehouse yet again! With board cash amounts of over $100,000, you'll be sure to not miss out on this Special Edition of Anime Press Your Luck, live at Chibi-Pa. As usual, 3 players are going to be after the biggest of bucks as they play the biggest and most exciting game of the weekend! From Chibi-Pa, it's time to Press Your Luck, 5th Season Anniversary Spectacular edition!

HMKontest Live!
(9 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
HMK is back! Are you ready to win big once again?! The one who dares you to be Hectic returns with his Hardcore Questionnaire where he will put your knowledge on all things video game and Anime to test! Be there to see if you can hang with the HMKrew and best their questions to win some bangin' prizes! If you went to Mizucon, you had a taste... but he's just getting started...

What Lies Beneath: Undergarments for Cosplay
(9 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

(10 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
This is late night fun and games for all ages. Forget your pillows, blankets, and fuzzy slippers, because there’s no way we can fall asleep after a fun day of Chibi-Pa events and panels!

Adult Scavenger Hunt
(10 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Teams of 4 to 6 people will search the grounds of Chibi-Pa for items and bring them back for points. **18+ only.

Rocky Horror Anime Show
(10 PM, Main Events)

Cheesy on the Outside will perform a shadow cast of the cult movie favorite, Rocky Horror Picture Show, giving it an Anime makeover for this performance. **18+ only.

Midnight Cult Movie
(12 AM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
Finish the evening laughing, screaming, or nervously holding your breath as we share a gem from the weirder side of our movie library. **18+ only.

Hentai Variety Show
(12 AM, Main Events)

The ever popular Hentai Costume Contest returns and revamps itself as the Hentai Variety Show! Come enjoy the sexy, sexy show, play games, and compete in your risque cosplay to win CASH and other prizes! **18+ only.


Hetalia Conference
(11 AM, Key Largo Panel Room)

As Chibi-Pa is one of the world's greatest places, the nations of the world have decided to go and talk to their own people. Anyone can ask questions, do dares, and just about anything that doesn't get us kicked out.

Cosplay Swap
(11 AM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Have old bits of costumes laying about, or fabric remnants from completed projects? How about reference materials? Bring them out and swap them for things you'll be able to use in your next projects!

Chibi-Pa Quick Draw Contest
(11 AM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Come one, come all, to the Chibi-Pa Quick Draw Contest! Open to all ages, there will be three timed rounds for drawing pre-determined Anime characters. Do you have what it takes to become Chibi-Pa Quick Draw Champion? Prizes awarded to the winners of each age category.

Nerf War
(11 AM, Main Events)

Pull out your best Nerf guns, and stock up on those darts: this is Nerf War. Click HERE for more details.

Cosplay on a Budget
(12 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Want to cosplay, but don't want to break the bank? Come learn some tricks of the trade on how to make great looking costumes that fit your budget!

Cosplay Olympics
(1 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)
Do you consider yourself a good cosplay maker? Push your mental limits in this epic relay race of raw talent. Test your expertise in hand sewing, hot gluing, wig styling, and overall speed costuming for a sweet freakin' prize. Any prospective contestants, please be advised that sharp objects like scissors and needles, as well as hot glue guns, will be used during this relay race. Anyone considering competing, please be 13 and older.

How to Appraise your Video Games
(1 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)

You know those game that are sitting in your closet collecting dust? They might be worth a nice chunk of change. Professional Geek, Aaron Pabon, will teach you how much your games and systems of yesteryear may be worth.

Getting into the Games/Anime Industry (Journalism, Photography, and More)
(1 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
This panel will be geared towards giving tips on getting into the games/Anime industry through journalism, photography, art, and more.

Naruto Fan Panel
(2 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
Join Pika "Belle " Chu and discuss the Anime, manga, and partake in trivia games where you can win prizes and other randomness.

K-POP Game Show
(2 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)
Get tested on your K-POP knowledge. Teams will be formed and questions regarding K-POP groups, songs, members, dances, etc. will be asked! Prizes will be given out to the winners.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: Anime ABC's
(3 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

The game is a primary school staple, but the rules have been ramped up to create a high energy, exciting, and fast-paced game to test the fiber of even the most hardened proclaimed otaku. A is for Appleseed, B is for Bleach, you have 15 seconds to give me C. But that's just the first round, and in this knockout-style game, you're playing to be the last otaku standing for all the bragging rights awarded to the Anime-B-Champ (and a few prizes too). And, for the first time, the final round will be a challenge round against members of FWE (time permitting). If someone from the crowd can knock out all three, they'll win a big prize and be immortalized on our website as being capable of taking down FWE's best ABC Champs as FWE becomes common contestants! Presented by Florida Whammy Entertainment in cooperation and conjunction with The Otaku Army.

Life Casting
(3 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)

History of Kamen Rider
(3 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Learn about the history of one of the most famous Tokusatsu franchises, Kamen Rider.

Florida Whammy Entertainment: The Joker's Wild: The Hal Shear Challenge
(4 PM, Key Largo Panel Room)

From Chibi-Pa, it's the game where knowledge is King and Lady Luck is Queen. As a tribute to the great Hal Shear, spin the wheels and hope for 3 Jokers to win a fabulous super grand prize, as two contestants go against each other for fabulous prizes and hope to avoid the Devil and win the dough (much like another one of our shows).

Boundaries and Confidence with HMK and Cordis
(4 PM, Hillsboro 1 Panel Room)
HMK teams with Cordis to teach you ladies and gentlemen a little something about boundaries and confidence. Join them to learn how to approach people better and how not to come off as a creeper. Conventions can be a great place to meet new friends, find that cute otaku boy or that lovely kawaii girl, but one mistake can ruin a good thing. HMK and Cordis won't let that happen!

History of Super Sentai
(4 PM, Hillsboro 2 Panel Room)

Learn about the history of one of the most famous Tokusatsu franchises, Super Sentai (Power Rangers in the US).

Anime Name That Tune
(4 PM, Main Events)

Closing Ceremonies
(5 PM, Main Events)
You came, you saw... now GO HOME. But not before we take a moment to personally say thank you to all of you for coming, of course!

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