Chibi Pa Nerf War Events


(Sunday, 11 AM - 3 PM, Main Events)

You and 4 others in a team of 5 must complete your mission in an attempt to gain the ultimate honor... of defeating the course. The enemy has embedded themselves within the course. You will be given 4 minutes to enter the course, find the code for the bomb at the end, and diffuse it. Your first run is free; thereafter, it will be $1 for each additional attempt.

The winning team of the challenge run will receive a Free Pass for each team member for Chibi Pa 2013.

After the challenge runs are over, cash runs will begin for a mystery prize.

This year, we are adding 2 new optional features. These features are not required but an option to enhance your own gameplay. You can choose to use both.

  • TEAM MEDIC: The Team Medic sacrifices their main weapon for 6 additional shots in a side arm and the chance to grant an extra life to his/her fellow teammates. The Medic is the only person that can revive fallen teammates. The Medic can revive each teammate ONCE by removing the arm band that will be on their right shoulder.
  • DEMOLITION EXPERT: The Demolition Expert is allowed to substitute his side arm for 2 grenades. In addition, if your Demolition Expert is alive at the end of the course, they can defuse the bomb without the combination hidden within the course.

(Saturday, 11 AM - 1 PM, Outdoors)
**event is tentative, also if weather permitting

A fun free-for-all shoot out. Fire 'til you tire. There is no cost to enter; the only requirement is to bring your own weapons and ammo.

The following rules below apply to all Nerf Events at Chibi Pa.


  1. You can bring your own weapons. However, they will be inspected before your attempt.
  2. If you do not have a weapon, you can rent one on the day of the event for a total of $5 for the day.
  3. You will be allowed to carry one (1) main weapon and one (1) side arm.
  4. You will be given 18 rounds for your main weapon and 6 shots for your side arm.
  5. Your side arm must be a pistol type blaster; your main weapon can be whatever you wish.
  6. You only receive one life: one shot and you are out.
  7. Judges will determine when shots mean death. They have the final say, no matter what.
  8. You can only walk within the course. No movements that can injure anyone allowed.
  9. You cannot jump over or move any objects on the course.
  10. Do not step outside of the taped boundaries.
  11. Once a shot is fired, it cannot be picked up off the ground and reused. It is spent. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  12. You cannot take weapons from the enemy. You can only take from your allies upon their prior consent.

Follow these rules and have fun. Do not carry your own weapons around the con without having it peace-bonded. If you fire your weapon within the con, it will be confiscated and not given back. You have been warned. You can pre-register your team of 5 online and all weekend long at the convention. If you have any questions, or team registrations, please feel free to e-mail for more information.

Happy Nerfing.

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